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In the airline industry, costs are a major concern, but so is safety. Insero Equipment helps the airline industry by providing equipment that keeps jobsites ultra-productive and safe.

The Insero Heater is perfect for heating aircraft hangars, while the light tower allows light to be directed for optimal vision. An ideally heated hangar is better for the overall lifecycle of equipment, and the productivity of personnel by working in a comfortable environment.  The portability of Insero’s heaters and light towers make it easy to apply heat and light to specific area of need – an added benefit for remote service and maintenance locations.

Additionally, Insero Heaters keep your ground support and maintenance equipment running smoothly by preventing engine freeze-up and cold starts. This helps to reduce downtime as a result of repairing frozen equipment.

Insero Product Applications
• Luggage Bays and Electronics bays
• Hangars - Servicing Equipment
• Remote Maintenance
• Ground Support Equipment and Facilities
• Moisture Drying and Ice Melting
• Emergency Backup Heat

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