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Insero Equipment Testimonials


Customer Responses to the Insero Heater:

"The heaters were phenomenal! I really liked them. We put them in an area that just beats them up, in an area to test to see if they'll fail. If they didn't fail in those areas then we knew we can put them in other areas in which we feel confident they can perform well for us. 

As we did this, we didn't have any issues. We put the heaters in Northern Alberta and had positive feedback. The accessibility of the heaters was really easy. The Insero engineers went beyond what they needed to do and should be commended. They made it really easy for technicians to service which was especially helpful when it can get 40 below.

I can't say enough about the heater. It worked very well and I am looking forward to using them again this year."


Dean R.

Finning Cat


"The heater we originally rented performed well enough that we ended up purchasing it to add to our fleet. It allowed us to move forward with spray foam insulation on a 66,000 sq. ft. metal building which required 40 degree minimum temperatures during one of the coldest and windiest winters in memory. If it were not for this heater, we would have faced significant job delays waiting for warmer temperatures.

Service before and after the sale were superb. When our Insero Representative discovered that the heater he went to reserve for us had already been rented, he had another one and got it delivered with a very minimal delay. I had one minor problem during operation and was referred to a very knowledgeable service technician who was able to help me troubleshoot and repair over the phone. 

This type of service is becoming rare and is greatly appreciated.


Kevin G

Woodruff Construction